Paper Girl Creative



Customizing the Design 

Each invitation suite can be either ordered as is or semi-customized to better match the vibe of your wedding. A few fun things we can do: 

  • mix and match layouts from different designs

  • adjust the color palette

  • change RSVP card to a postcard

  • upgrade to colored envelopes (additional cost may apply)

Customizing the Wording 

The text used in each design is just an example. There are lots of different ways you can do it based on things like who is hosting the event and where it will be held. I can help you with all of this. Also, the enclosure cards can be used for many different things such as accommodations, directions, weekend schedule, etc. We can work through what info you need for your guests together and make the right card for you!

Once you place your order, you will receive a google form from me where you can fill out all of your wording and design details! 

Start From Scratch Custom

Love my style but looking for something a bit more unique and specific to you two as a couple? Let’s work together to create a custom design that you love! Custom design means custom pricing so please reach out to me if you are interested and we can chat more.


Paper Choices  

Color  |  White or cream

Thickness  |   Single-ply or double-ply

Finish  |  Eggshell or Recycled 

My signature stock is a 120 lb card stock with slightly textured eggshell finish. The thickness is similar to a nice greeting card you might find at a stationery store. The colors choices for this card are white and cream. This paper is single-ply. 

There is also a heavyweight version of this same paper that is essentially two of the single-ply cards stuck together (240 lb). Customers love the weight of this card but it is more expensive than the single-ply cards. I suggest using it only for the invitation and using the single-ply for the other pieces to save on cost and postage. (The weight adds up!) The color choices for this card are white and cream. This paper is double-ply. 

The recycled card is limited in weight and color but it is made from 100% post consumer waste and I think that it is an awesome option for those looking to be a bit more eco-friendly. This paper is slightly thinner than the signature stock and only comes in white. This paper is single-ply.